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Our founder, Bill Fowler, started his business in 1973 - but he had a statement that still rings true today: "Where you buy a car is as important as which car you buy." Fowler's leadership today understands that we must provide an environment where our customers will be happy to buy not just one time but over a lifetime. To that end, we strive to meet these 4 core values in every aspect of our business - to be Friendly, Helpful, Honest & Fair.


From first greeting to saying goodbye the goal of our team is for all of our customers no matter their background or status to feel welcomed and at home. Everyone will be treated with respect, hospitality and genuine care. It's the same way we'd treat a guest in our home and it forms the basis of earning trust and respect in return.


Whether purchasing or servicing your vehicle you deserve help from professionals that are both knowledgeable and have a sincere desire to guide you to a decision that is best for you. We believe if we provide accurate, transparent information about the options available to you that this is the best way guide you to the right decision. Whether you're a seasoned car buyer or this is your first purchase - everyone deserves an experience that leads to no regrets, pride, and satisfaction in their vehicle ownership decisions.



"Never trade your integrity for dollars" was another quote that Bill Fowler was famous for. In all aspects of our business decisions we will be faced with opportunities to make the honest choice. While this won't always lead to the most profitable outcome short-term - it is the path that leads to building long-term relationships, repeat business and the satisfaction of conducting business with a clean conscience. You can expect up front communication on estimates of costs for both purchasing and servicing your vehicle and a team willing to walk you through any questions you may have during the process.


Let's face it - buying or maintaining your vehicle can seem like a stressful decision - it's certainly one of the biggest financial decisions we'll make and has a major impact on our quality of life. We understand that making sure a purchase is fair and equitable is an important part of the process. We promise to provide up-front market-based pricing both on our websites and in-person along with a team of professionals that will work for you to help you find the best deal regardless of whether you are financing, leasing, or purchasing. This is what car buying without regrets is all about.